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Free 12 Month Warranty

At the end of the day, the purpose is your satisfaction. We trust the quality of our devices enough to grant every device a free 12 month warranty; this way we can make sure you are taken care of.

Tradelia’s 12 month warranty covers issues like product manufacturers defects or other malfunctioning of the device (hardware and/or software), battery failure and other issues that are independent from you.

If you received a device and it shows signs of malfunction, please contact our Customer Care Team at [email protected] your IMEI number toreturn or exchange your item. Once received, we can replace it with a fully functional device.

What is covered?

Technical defects Flaws or issues caused by manufacturer or inadequate workmanship or materials.

What is not covered?

Our limited warranty does not cover damages caused by:

  1. Transportation or storage
  2. Issues caused by an unauthorized repair
  3. Improper use of device
  4. Normal wear and tear; external causes like accidents, abuse, or other actions beyond reasonable.