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Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges

If you as the Seller cannot complete a transaction, you’re welcome to cancel your order at any time. If left open, Tradelia will automatically cancel it within 14 calendar days.

Returns and Exchanges are not offered when selling a device to Tradelia. Once your device has been sold to us, and you have been sent a payment, you can no longer change your mind.

To make it even more clear, once you receive payment, your “Sell Order” becomes final.


Tradelia will be solely responsible for shipping and handling charges after a “Sell Order” is placed. We will grant you a free UPS shipping label.

Returning a Device

As a Seller, if your device ends up getting an adjusted offer after inspection, you are free to accept or decline this adjusted offer. If you choose to decline, the item will be returned to you via UPS.

If the adjusted offer is accepted and a payment is sent to the Seller by Tradelia, the sale becomes final, and it can no longer get returned.