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About us

Restoring Earth one device at a time

We are flattered that you'd like to know more about us. Tradelia is a Re-commerce marketplace that buys and sells Refurbished and pre-owned consumer electronics

Our purpose

Giving electronics a second life

Since our beginnings, we have been able to reduce the footprint of electronic waste by helping repair and refurbish businesses to save the life of Millions of devices.

Our services are more than just a way to make some extra cash. We’re also handling, repurposing, and, when necessary, recycling devices for a better planet.

Tradelia's Mission

Reduce the fastest-growing type of waste.

Did you know that electronic waste is the fastest-growing type of waste globally? That's right! And a significant contributor to this problem is our smartphones, tablets, and other small electronics

That’s why at Tradelia, our mission and commitment are fundamental to the environment. We set a goal, and it is to; effectively reduce Electronic Waste through our services.

It's only waste when no one wants it

Buying devices allows us to repurpose them, offering these items a longer lifespan and guaranteeing to do our part in the hopes of minimizing the E-Waste crisis.